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  • Jamal Ezzat Kalaatei

    Consultant, Data Sciences

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    I am always looking for interesting, challenging and rewarding assignments.

  • Darrell Alvarez

    best tablet for drawing

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    Several factors to consider when getting a drawing tablet include pressure sensitivity, size, drivers, features and of course the price.

    Having a stylus with good pressure sensitivity is a must. Tablets nowadays go up to 204levels of pressure sensitivity. The Wacom Intuos that I’m still using has 102levels and is quite adequate. So definitely get at least 102levels or above.

    Another feature good to have is the tilt sensitivity. This feature depends on the support of…

  • Zoe Hill

    best kitchen knobs

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    Video Transcript

    You can find plastic jigs like this; but this one is only good for marking the holes, not drilling, so I prefer to make my own. This is just a simple drilling jig made out of a 1/2” plywood block and some stops. These are 1” wide stops that I glued and screwed to the back.

    Now, the nice thing about using a jig like this is that you ordinarily have to drill a lot of holes…

  • Arianna Rose

    best lg prepaid phones verizon

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    Moto ZForce

    The Moto ZForce is the latest flagship device from Motorola, currently owned by Lenovo, and the successor to the 201released Moto Z Force. While it shares a number of features with its predecessor, the Moto ZForce has many differences, and some are not for the better.

    Prepaid vs. No-Contract

    Contrary to popular belief, prepaid plans and no-contract plans are not the same. Prepaid cell service typically comes in the form of top-up cards that give you a…

  • Shane Lee

    best electric recliner

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    Super Soft Cushioning

    Flash Furniture has definitely outdone themselves with this great two-position recliner. Although it may not have the largest capacity, it has many exceptional features. The size makes it nice and easy to move into the perfect position for relaxation.

    Not only is it made with the newest Leathersoft Upholstery Technology, it has extra puffed cushioning, even on the arms. This kind of cushioning is soothing for aches and pains. This comforting feature no doubt provides welcome relief from…

  • Marcia Lynch

    best self tanner for face

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    Back To TOC

    Kiehl’s Sun-Free Self-Tanning Formula is a white, thick lotion that provides a natural glowing tan. The cream doesn’t run down or drip after application. It contains apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E. It keeps your skin damage free, moisturized, and healthy. Also, the formula makes for an easy application and gives an even color.

    Lancome Flash Bronzer

    Lancome Flash Bronzer is a self tanner gel that provides an intense yet natural looking tan.


  • Melvin Steward

    best yamaha pressure washer

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    Yamaha’s PW302raises the bar for portable, gas-powered pressure washers. With a 192cc four-stroke motor, it is powerful, efficient, simple to operate and takes the work out of washing. The gas tank holds a gallon and a half of fuel that will run the washer up to two hours of continuous use. The nozzle at the end of the water wand contains five settings: 800 psi, 3000 psi at a 25- and 40-degree water fan, as well…

  • Matthew Hansen

    best air purifier smell

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    Blueair Classic 605

    The True HEPA air filtration system the 60model from Blueair features makes it highly effective at combating indoor air pollution. Equipped with a SmokeStop filter with activated carbon, it is unbeatable when it comes to reducing unpleasant odors and leaving behind a fresher and cleaner air for you to breathe. For ultimate convenience in use, we recommend you install the Blueair Friend app to remotely control the air purifier.

    MBM ideal. AP40

    The AP40 features highly…

  • Kent Jordan

    best money bag

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    Waterproof Money Belt

    If all you need to hide are some emergency cash, a credit card, and an ID, then you can go for a small-sized money belt. If you need to include a phone, your passport, and other travel documents, you may need to start looking for a larger-sized money belt with several pockets or compartment to store all those items.

    Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt DLX

    Eagle Creek is another one of our go-to travel brands for quality,…

  • Gary Mccoy

    best bluetooth shower radio

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    How to Choose a Shower Radio

    When it comes to picking the best DAB shower radio, or the best FM one, most of it is down to what you like personally.

    There are quite a few different models available on the market, and so here are a few of my own tips for choosing the best of the bunch so that you can find your ideal radio.

    The first thing you need to decide is if you want a…

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